Istikshaf Guidebook

Istikshaf program

Istikshaf is originally an Arabic word which literally means Exploration!

Istikshaf is meant to be a Mediterranean light house that oversees all possible interactive opportunities to open the doors of meditation and query about the importance of free mobility in the Mediterranean region, moreover Istikhaf supports the mobility of artists around the Mediterranean!

Istikshaf Highlights!

Cooperation between organizations that support the mobility of artists

Istikshaf aims to establish a platform for dialogue between organizations that supports the mobility of artists in the Mediterranean region, in a quest to address issues of common interest between these entities.

By calling for such meetings, Istikshaf enhances the capacity, collaboration and exchange between mobility operators, in order to develop a better understanding for the concept of Mobility, and to create an open space of sharing expertise and challenges, along with creating an innovative approach to support Mobility and integrate it into the process of sustainable learning and social development.

Effectiveness Metrics of Mobility: Evaluation tools for our progress and for the quality of our Mobility Program      

Providing that it is a long-term process; it is not easy to evaluate the efficiency of Mobility programs and its results. And that is a big challenge for mobility operators in general and for Istikshaf program and its partners in particular, as we consider mobility a mean of social development and evolution.

Istikshaf aims at studying and discussing the concepts and metrics of the quality of Mobility, along with offering an open invitation for dialogue with other partners and interested entities regarding the improvement and enhancement of Mobility measurement tools; with concern to quantity and quality.

The efficiency of networking and cooperation mechanisms

There are a lot of tools and resources that can be shared with others in order to maximize the common-resources and thus minimizing costs and increasing the efficiency of joint action. Among which we mention: technical support, sharing knowledge resources, collecting database of individuals who won the program's grants (Mobility Grants), and ensuring the continuity of communication with those who benefited from Mobility programs in particular, and with the community in general.

Other important tools are; exploring means of delivering the concept and experience of Mobility to the local community, to facilitate the propagation of the mobility concept in social networks and hence spread the culture of Mobility.     


Involving the community and generalization of Mobility concepts for social development and learning  

Istikshaf aims at developing a common database of "Travel Grant beneficiaries" which includes all individuals who won grants from different organizations, and those who want to participate in enforcing the sustainability of Mobility programs, and in finding more opportunities to enhance learning and innovation of artists and social activists through mobility programs.

Producing publications and online resources about Mobility in the region

Istikshaf platform aims at producing books, articles and different types of publications about Mobility, which are to be initialized by the papers of the previous symposiums, and after that entering the phase of continuous research about the needs and requirements of artistic mobility and mobility for learning as well, adding to that any study that proposes ideal practice models and reinforcement of our understanding of mobility.  

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