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What is "Safar"?

 Safar, meaning travel in Arabic, is also the name of our program "Safar: Youth Mobility Fund". The program supports Arab youth in their travel in the Arab world providing them with the air tickets and / or other travel expenses. The aim of Safar is to help youth pursue a healthy process of growth that permits them to develop their own experience and knowledge and hence their communities'. It also provides the space and opportunities to pursue their own learning paths. 

Project Vision:
To develop an environment where Arab youth who are active within their communities to experience a healthy process of growth that permits them to develop their individual (and collective) experiences and knowledge, and provide them with the space and opportunities to pursue their own learning paths.

Project Goal:

To contribute to building a culture of learning, initiative and inspiration amongst youth in the Arab World

Overall Objectives:

  1.  Provide human, financial and material resources for young people within the Arab world to search for their own learning spaces and pursue alternative learning opportunities.
  2.  Search for and research youth initiatives in the Arab world to provide information regarding individuals and institutions with which youth can link with their "learning journeys" and examples of inspiring youth initiatives; and space to engage in exploration and exchange of experiences, ideas, concepts and understandings.
  3. Provide inspiring examples – i.e., make visible the less visible/invisible initiatives of young people (alternatives to dominant discourse of consumer culture).
  4.  Ensure youth ownership in the choice of their learning paths as well as the formulation of Safar program itself.

Safar has many components:

1. Travel Grants
2. Regional Events
3. Resources' development
4. Database development
Please note that more information is available in the Arabic version of the web site. 

 General rules:

  • Travel grants will stay limited within the Arab World only and for Arab youth living in Arab countries

  • Provision of an invitation letter from the host and preferably a contribution too is a requirement.

  • All aspects of the work will be documented in the form of minutes as well as reflections of participants and staff.

  • The applicants’ age should range between 15-35.

  • Age

• 15-35 years for individual applicants
• 35 and up for those applicants submitted via institutions who will serve as "mentors" in tajawor or facilitator or trainer.

Youth Travel Grantees

• Active youth and/or involved in youth initiatives stemming out of conviction and passion based on experience and reflections towards mutual learning
• Volunteers or workers in youth organizations or organizations working with youth

Costs Covered

• 100% of ticket + transportation
• Accommodation and other learning tools if necessary.

We hope that by offering a mobility fund with these three components/criteria, young people would be encouraged to take initiative, search for their own learning, design their learning opportunities, and develop additional initiatives.

New initiatives should reflect their own construction of knowledge and personal views of where and how they feel their society needs to move to match their dreams and ambitions. This would also be accompanied by assigning new meanings to commonly used words as well as coining new words that reflect more accurately and concretely the youths’ experiences and newly discovered knowledge.

About Safar

A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar.


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