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Promoting young Arab social entrepreneurs in their search for indigenous hands-on learning opportunities within the Arab world

Safar Arab Youth Mobility fund believes in the critical role that targeted mobility plays in promoting independence, motivation, self-confidence, openness, dialogue, and the entrepreneurship spirit amongst youth within the Arab world. All of these characteristics are essential for the development of healthy, creative, and self-motivated Arab societies.

Over the past 4 years Safar Fund has received over 800 applications, and has given travel grants to over 300 social entrepreneurs from 18 Arab countries at the average grant cost of US$ 1,500 to travel in pursuit of a learning opportunity in another Arab country. During our regional meetings, over 100 young Arab social entrepreneurs debated the meaning of social initiative, responsibility, the role that they play within their communities, and methods with which we can support each other across the Arab world. Safar has also developed a resource on youth initiatives based on young people’s writings and contributions.

As the only Arab mobility fund for youth, Safar is engaged within each Arab country through a network of volunteers and partner organizations.

Arab funding for an Arab initiative!

During its founding phase and the following 2 years (a total of 4 years) Ford Foundation believed in this project and provided the core funding. Now it’s time for other individuals, private sector and funding organizations within the Arab world to show their willingness to invest in the future of Arab youth.

We seek your engagement and support to further enable and empower young Arab social entrepreneurs to cross boundaries and open up their perspectives to the larger world out there, develop connections and contacts, learn new things, better understand their world, and work locally to enhance their communities with a global perspective.

How can we engage?

  • Support one or more travel grants for young social entrepreneurs from your country or countries of relevance to your area of work. Send money by bank transfer to the following bank address:

Safar Fund

Bank of Jordan, First Circle Branch

Amman – Jordan

Account #: 0013050/149795006/21

 Swift Code: BJORJOAX

Or through Paypal: 

  • Support and/or establish a local Safar fund in your own country. For more information on how to set up and/or support a local Safar Fund contact the Regional Coordinator: 
  • You can also offer to host young social entrepreneurs from other Arab countries in your home/establishment.

If you have other ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us:

About Safar

A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar.


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Support one or more travel grants for young social entrepreneurs from your country or countries of relevance to your area of work.


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