Safar Team

 Who Runs Safar?

A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar. Their working plans and efforts intersect and complement each other in an organic pattern, while the Arab Education Forum is tasked with maintaining and strengthening the ties between these groups and individuals. 

Safar Team consists of the program’s coordinator, travel grants’ coordinator and media and communication officer. In addition, each member of the Arab Education Forum staff contributes to the project according to his/her field of expertise as follows: the financial and administrational manager, accountant, general manager, programs’ manager and the administrational assistant for programs’ coordination.

General Assembly (As’haab Safar)

Along with the implementation of the program, General Assembly (As’haab Safar) are tasked with developing the objectives, vision and plan of the program. In addition, they take decisions relating to the general policies and provide the needed support to develop and disseminate the culture of mobility in their respective countries. The group consists of 23 young males and females from 13 Arab countries, selected upon their participation in Safar activities by the Arab Education Forum. Members of the group convene every year. Safar aspires to have a member from every Arab country in the near future. 

The Board 

The general assembly (As-hab Safar) elects a Board of Directors, consisting of 9 young males and females from 9 Arab countries. The Board approves the detailed annual action plan, takes decisions relating to the grants, provides consultancy on the applications submitted from their respective countries, promote the concept of the fund, develops Safar local funds and provides support for youth interested in mobility in their countries. 

Selection Committee: 

The committee consists of 11 members with an extensive experience in youth-related activities and all the fields where Safar operates. The committee, formed in a manner that ensures geographical diversity as well as a variety of disciplines, works on a voluntary basis and is supervised by Safar regional coordinator and the Board.

About Safar

A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar.


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