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Safar perceives the prevalence of its sustainability mostly through the success of Safar Community participation campaign. That focuses on promoting the concept rather than the project, and enhances less dependency on funding vs. partnerships individual contributions and grass roots adoption of the approach. In terms of sustainability, Safar aims at reaching the point at which young people are able to perceive the option of learning through mobility is valid, affordable, and doable, the network of partnerships established has adopted the model as part of its programs; private sector has integrated it as part of CSR strategy.  The campaign constitutes another unique aspect of Safar model, in which young people are the dynamo of Safar sustainability.

  The campaign functions through the following components:

Daleel Safar: that is a vibrant mobility guide for young people available on Safar website, to facilitate young people’s Journey in search of mutual learning and hands on constructed knowledge.  The guide is intended to be developed by young people themselves and is meant to provide information regarding inspiring individuals, initiatives, resources, places, spaces, events and that are potential learning opportunities. Also providing practical tips regarding local transportation and cheep accommodation options, etc.  Daleel Safar will also have a database of “Byout Safar “ houses of Safar, people  or organizations who are willing to provide accommodation at their own houses, and “Ahel el Balad” , those who are willing to  take young travelers in a tour around the city, for lunch coffee, or a ride from to the airport etc.
Promote Safar: another component of the campaign, which aims at enhancing media engagement in promoting “mobility through learning. Targeting all kind of media (TV, radio ,blogs ,websites, newspapers, etc )
- A day for Safar : encourages young people to foster their creativity in fundraising for mobility, in which young artist for example can contribute a performance revenue for Safar, or make a revenue out of cooking for friends, or selling a product, or organizing an event, etc. 
Tools for the campaign:  on Safar website there’s a travel bag which includes audiovisual and electronic tools that allow young people to document their travels in a very easy way, promoting their passion for learning through mobility and the concept behind it. 
I’m with Safar: this component of the campaign targets civil society organizations and private sector to enhance their participation in Safar sustainability in both kind and in kind forms. Focusing on those who are concerned with mobility like travel agencies and airlines, hotels, etc.  Also focusing on promoting mobility as a successful model for civil society to adopt in their capacity building programs. 


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A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar.


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