Mobility meetings

The main objective of the meetings is to bring together individuals and organizations involved in promoting mobility in order to enhance the network of supporters, find common actions and tools, to use and develop the complementarities to become more efficient and to set up an innovative scheme to support mobility embedded in lifelong learning and local development.

Mobility Operators around the Mediterranean Meeting, 2011.

The meeting brought together several relevant stakeholders involved in promoting mobility in general and artistic mobility in particular, around the Mediterranean, to explore experiences, lessons learnt, develop cooperation strategies, as well as tap into untapped potential for enhancing mobility as a learning and creative tool. The meeting have also been an opportunity to look in depth at the mobility mapping report conducted in 2010 and discuss the key challenges presented in the report.
The output of this meeting, in addition to all of the above, is the launch of a long-term mobility platform that will enhance and develop cooperation in this field and expand opportunities for artistic mobility especially for artists of the Arab world.
The meeting have immediately followed the Symposium on “Exploring Mobility around the Mediterranean” which took place in Amman-Jordan on the 1st and 2nd of June 2011. The symposium aimed to expand on and develop a renewed understanding of contemporary mobility by bringing together people able to think mobility in its widest sense.

Mobility Operators Meeting, 2012.

In June 2012, the first mobility operators meeting took place at the Swedish Institute in Alexandria-Egypt. The 2-day meeting brought together over 40 local and regional organizations as well as individual activists from France, Belgium, UK, Syria, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Mauritania, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, and Sudan involved in promoting artistic and social mobility. The meeting was the stepping stone for the launch of the Istikshaf collaboration and advocacy platform to enhance the network of supporters, find common actions and tools, and develop the complementarities amongst various groups involved in promoting mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Meeting film: 

The first day of the meeting focused on documentation and evaluation tools and ways to measure the impact of mobility on individuals and society at large, as well as a presentation of best practices as learning case-studies from individual beneficiaries of mobility. Mechanisms for disseminating and sharing this knowledge were also explored to be used in the respective communities via local initiatives. The second day was a hands-on workshop to develop advocacy tools and messages, as well as present and discuss diverse advocacy campaign models such as “travel in the land to own it”, the “We are More” campaign, and The mobility Charter of the “One the Move” network. The meeting concluded with a detailed discussion of mechanisms for launching an advocacy campaign in the Euro-Arab region, with special focus on the Arab countries. Main issues highlighted for this advocacy were freedom of mobility; access to information on mobility; women’s access to mobility; spreading the culture of mobility; mainstreaming mobility; and mobilizing additional funds and resources for mobility initiatives. The meeting report was sent to all participants and follow up sessions focusing on the advocacy campaign will be conducted with the participants in Jordan and online.


Mapping of existing mobility operators using an online form and interviews
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