Safar/Istikshaf grants

Safar is originally an Arabic word which literally means Travel! Our Youth Mobility Fund program was named "Safar" to catch the attention of our target group, i.e. the Arab Youth.

Safar Fund is an Arab Program that has been launched to help young individuals from the Arab World to reach out to new learning opportunities in other Arab countries after being involved in different types of community initiatives in their locations.

Safar aims at helping Arab youth in pursuing a healthy process of growth that permits them to develop their own experience and knowledge and hence developing their communities. It also provides the space and opportunity to let them pursue their own learning paths.

The program facilitates Arab youth travel, around the Arab world, by providing them with air tickets and/or other travel expenses.


This learning opportunity could take the form of an event such as a conference, a meeting or a training workshop.

Another form of support is Tazawor (Literal meaning in Arabic: Exchanging visits), in which the participant is given the chance to visit another group, individual or NGO involved in a similar initiative in another Arab country.

Arab youth can also get involved in summer camps where participants can interact with members from different generations to exchange experiences in an inspiring inter-generational gathering.

Furthermore Safar offers Apprenticeship opportunities through Tajawor initiative (literal meaning of Tajawor in Arabic: Contiguity)

Safar has introduced a new concept to the Arab civil society, which did not previously exist on the regional level, by operating as a mechanism that offers Travel Grants to the youth based on their personal initiatives and proven community service contributions, away from favoritism by enforcing equal opportunities for all candidates.

Who Runs Safar?

Safar program is one of the Arab Education Forum's (AEF) projects in Jordan, and it is managed by a regional coordinator and a supporting team at the regional office of the AEF in Amman.

The policy decisions are taken at the level of the General Assembly of Safar:  As’haab Safar (Safar Fellows) which consists of 23 members comprising young members and youth workers from 13 different Arab countries.

Selection’s criteria 

About Safar

A large number of groups and individuals cooperate on a regular basis to develop, execute and evaluate Safar.


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Support one or more travel grants for young social entrepreneurs from your country or countries of relevance to your area of work.


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