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Call for applications to visit initiatives / king Abdullah II award for youth innovation and achievement

Active Arab youth can now apply for travel grants to visit the youth initiatives which were nominated to the final phase of King Abdullah II award for youth innovation and achievement.

In the first step towards a sustainable partnership, the Arab Education Forum (AEF) and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) have signed a cooperation agreement to build upon their mutual resources and expertise for the benefit of a new generation of young Arab social entrepreneurs. This cooperation falls within the framework of both organizations’ efforts to support young people with creative ideas and initiatives in their search for inspiration and learning through connecting Safar youth mobility fund and the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement.  This agreement will provide opportunities for young people from the Arab world to visit any of the recipients of the Award to learn from their experience and connect to them wherever they may be.

The King Abdullah II Fund for Development, established in 2001, provides financial support for young social entrepreneurs to realize their initiatives. Through allocating funds for the winners of the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement, KAFD has supported over 20 youth initiatives from different Arab countries, assisting young social entrepreneurs to become a role model for a new generation in search for pioneering and creative solutions to serve their communities.

As for the Arab Education Forum, it is a non-governmental non-profit organization concerned with promoting community action and reclaiming learning as a pivotal component of education, operating all over the Arab world.  Through the Safar youth mobility fund, the AEF encourages young people to learn through mobility and apprenticeships with role models. Over the past 4 years 242 young people from 18 Arab countries benefitted from Safar travel grants and experienced life changing travel and learning.

Both organizations hope that these new opportunities created through this partnership will create an innovative constructive dialogue amongst youth. The agreement includes several travel grants provided by Safar youth mobility fund annually to qualified young people to visit and learn from any of the 20 fellows of the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement.

Through Safar’s extensive network of over 300 partner organizations and initiatives, and 4000 social entrepreneurs from 22 Arab countries, the AEF will be responsible for communicating this opportunity to youth and administering the travel grants, while KAFD will provide financial resources to support the travel of the social entrepreneurs selected through Safar processes.

This agreement reflects and consolidates the two parties' shared vision of a genuine Arab cultural and social renaissance led by active, creative and talented Arab youth. 

You are invited to register on Safar website as individuals and institutions or initiatives to stay updated and informed on all the learning opportunities in the Arab world.

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