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What do we mean by "reflections" ? 
The Arab Education Forum believes that reflecting on our experiences and accumulative expertise on a regular basis helps individuals acquire knowledge and develop concepts: reflections, expressions and interaction with the surroundings are indispensable in order to create expressions and knowledge. Every individual, without any exceptions, is a partner in forming meanings for the words that he/she uses or hears or reads. This may be an inherent and instinct-related part of the human rights, as the individual has an inalienable right to search for a meaning independently and reconsider the logic, values and predominant lifestyles. 
Safar fund seeks to provide diverse opportunities to learn, through providing travel grants. The learning process and places differ according to individuals, places, experiences and the personal link between the experiences and the youth. Thus, the grantees are asked to reflect on their experiences and inform us and their peers of the diversity and variety found in this kind of knowledge, where the expressions can be also very different. The reflections can be in the form of "daily diaries" or "diaries of a trip" to some, while others may prefer to reflect on the experiences upon their return and speak about specific incidents or specific meetings with people, having a special impact or inspiring them throughout the experience. Others can also describe their feelings and thoughts during the journey. Some of you may feel that some words such as travel, learning, initiative, voluntary work, apprenticeship and experience have gained new meanings and you may feel the urge to re-examine the newly-discovered meanings. We do not have any guidelines or specific questions on how to write these reflections. We simply seek personal and genuine reflections, so what are yours? 


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