Frequent questions

What are the financial and human resources of Safar project?
Safar relies on a large number of volunteers and on resources provided by the Arab Education Forum and other donors. 
However, Safar is using new mechanisms that depend on the efforts of individuals as well as Safar ambassadors who are tasked with finding the Arab support needed to sustain the project. 
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• How can an institution post events on Safar calendar?
Institutions have to register in Safar database and afterwards they can post the events on Safar calendar.

• Can I contribute to Safar manual/guidebook?
Contributions are welcomed. An individual who wishes to write about his/her own country shouldn’t hesitate to send us the information.

 How can I become a Safar media ambassador?
Once you contribute to promote Safar, you become a media ambassador. You’re qualified, if you help broadcast Safar news in a TV or a radio channel or by posting news on your blog. 
You will coordinate with Safar team and start publishing news.

• What are the places that can be added to “boyout Safar”?
Boyout Safar can incorporate diversified types of residences. They can be artists’ residencies, youth houses in the Arab world, teachers’ houses or other accommodation alternatives which social institutions offer for the youth. 
For other questions and inquiries, please email us at

• How can I contribute to Safar blog and stories?
You can send us your submissions on social initiatives or traveling to

• Do you provide travel grants for non-Arab countries?
Safar only provides grants for the Arab countries as follows; Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

• Do you provide travel grants for Arab youth living in non-Arab countries?
No, the grantee should be traveling from an Arab country to visit another Arab country.

• Is there a grant to attend numerous activities and visit numerous countries?
Yes, it is possible. The applicant can arrange for visits in different countries, the board will consider the proposal as long as the expenses don’t exceed the estimated sum for each grant.

• Does Safar organize visits and apprenticeships?
In general, Safar doesn’t organize apprenticeships and visits, but we help youth make their own connections with individuals and institutions by providing their contact information. 
However, we are trying to initiate and organize apprenticeships which will be announced on the website.

• Can individuals who are 35 years old and above apply for a grant?
Yes, there are exceptions. The host must be a partner organization and the applicant must be a facilitator, a trainer or a mentor for the apprenticeship.

• Is there any financial obligation on the part of the applicant?
Financial contributions, no matter how little, are required. A grantee should also write his/her own reflections of the visit/apprenticeship/activity as well as his/her experience with Safar.

• Does Safar take charge of the ticketing and reservations?
Safar books the ticket and then sends the grantee the ticket’s number, we can also finish the procedures online. A grantee can book his/her own ticket if there is an agreement and as long as he/she has all the required documents.

• Does Safar cover pocket money expenses for the grantees?
Safar doesn’t cover pocket money.

• Does Safar cover the traveling expenses for grantees traveling from Palestine by road?
Yes, if the grantee can’t afford it, Safar pays for the traveling expenses.

• Other than the tickets, what are the expenses that Safar can cover?
Normally, Safar is responsible for the tickets’ only. But if the grantees or the hosts need additional support, Safar may cover other expenses.

• How are other expenses paid in case they are approved?
It depends on the total sum. It is preferably sent to the grantee’s bank account, however, it may be transferred via western union if the grantee doesn’t have a personal bank account.

• Is Safar responsible for granting the applicant the Visas?
No, Safar isn’t concerned. Applicants or hosts are responsible for Visa procedures.

• Can grantees who received apprenticeship/ visitation grants apply for a second one to attend an activity/event?
No, second grants can’t be offered to attend events, regardless of the first grant’s category. Applicants for second grants and their hosts should also contribute financially.


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