Youth initiatives


Name: Abdel Razzaq Mohtaseb
Project: "For You" Initiative
Country: Jordan

After volunteering with many organizations and visiting rural areas in the governorate, Abdel Razzaq realized the need to bridge the gap between those rural areas and other parts of Jordan. He initiated " For You" to provide youth with extracurricular academic services in rural areas of Ma'an. The initiative aims to empower Jordanian youth residing in rural communities with life-skills and technical skills to prepare them for the job market, in addition to raising health-care awareness and spreading the culture of self-employment and vocational entrepreneurship. The initiative provides two-hour workshops on monthly basis for high-school students in the targeted remote schools. Community workshops are also conducted.

To date, the initiative has reached more than 570 youth, ages 18 to 24. With limited job opportunities in the governorate, “For You” Initiative quips youth with self-employment skills.

“For You” is a non-profit stand-alone project that depends on volunteers. The approach is partnerships. By partnering with organizations that provide life-skill services and health-care awareness in major Jordanian cities, Abdel Razzaq and his team are bridging the gap between large-cities and rural communities by facilitating these organizations access to rural communities in Ma’an.



Name: Afif Tabsh
Project: "Aie Serve"
Country: Lebanon

 With an aspiration to unite youth despite of their political affiliations and their differences, Afif founded Aie Serve in 2007; a youth-based organization to spread love, respect and acceptance through raising awareness, education and voluntary service amongst Lebanese youth. Aie Serve established its Clubs in order to empower youth in schools and universities across Lebanon to become positive agents of change in their communities through organizing trainings, mentoring and networking activities.

 Aie Serve collaborates with local NGOs through organizing environmental and social community service activities such as: Reforestation, Beach Cleaning, Recycling… etc. Aie also organizes campaigns for the environment, social responsibility and volunteerism among other causes. Their anti-drug campaign uses improvised theater as a tool. While Aie Peace trains beneficiaries on peace building and conflict resolution, Aie Exchange organized youth exchange opportunities with the Euro-Med “Youth in Action” program. Aie publishes a monthly magazine that promotes youth volunteerism and social activism.



Name: Ahmad Aldahoud
Project: "Loyalty Project: for Youth with Special Needs"
Country: Jordan

The Loyalty Project calls for the social and economic empowerment of the physically disabled in the northern district of Ramtha in Jordan. The project offers capacity building opportunities to youth with special needs and advocates for their rehabilitation and their social and economic re-integration in the community and in the local workforce. The project works to create a handicap friendly environment in Ramtha and improve local services offered to persons with special needs. The project’s long term objective is to help youth with special needs reach economic empowerment through offering courses on soft skills, CV writing, job interview training and how to start income generating projects. The project provides assistance to youth searching for jobs and encourages the private sector to employ persons with special needs.

This project pays special attention on empowering women with special needs to integrate into the workforce.



Name: Badiea Mikhlafi
Project: " Active Participation of Marginalized Youth of the Akhdam Community in Yemen"
Country: Yemen

Through establishing Al-Amaal Association for Social Development, Badiea and his colleagues are aiming to bridge the social and economical gap between the Akhdam marginalized society in Yemen & the rest of the population. The project is working on conducting workshops to raise  awareness about human rights to these youth and their parents. This takes place through raising awareness about their rights, training programs, advocacy programs and setting a plan to be implemented by all stakeholders: civil society, private and public sectors. The innovation in the project is that it is not based on direct aid and aims to establish dialogue in relation to the rights of the Akhdam communities.

The project has reached more than 3,000 youth  from the Akhdam Community and their families, key accomplishments have been made such as forming active youth groups in 7 provinces in Yemen and securing higher wages for 1,200 Akhdam “servants”.



Name: Fidaa Abuturkey
Project: "Income Generating Micro Projects for Rural Palestinian Women"
Country: Palestine

The project targets rural women in marginalized villages in Palestine that are affected by settlements and the separation wall. The wall separated them from their agricultural lands and hence forced them to lose their source of income. The project addresses unemployment in these areas by building the capacity of women residing in this area and providing small grants to manage micro projects that generate income for their families. The project aims to create the first business incubator in Palestine that provides specialized business consultations for young women on how to start micro projects. The project provides women with small grants to start and manage income generating micro projects where women contribute with 20% of the grant amount. The project follows up on the beneficiaries’ projects and provides consultations when needed. The micro-project’s products are then marketed through a local marketing company.



Name: Hany Amin
Project: " Better World"
Country: Egypt

Lack of proper education and skills has badly affected the future of youth in the Egyptian community. Expensive programs are available only to the limited sector who can afford it. "Better World" was established to help youth advance in the critical areas of academic technology and awareness to help them earn their living and impact their family and community. Better World aims to prepare the young people of Egypt and the Arab World to succeed and excel in the modern professional world through the development of technological literacy, life and occupational skills, and by providing ongoing employment support. One of the approaches that Better World uses in its projects is the Spiral Approach. The seven steps included in the approach (Objective/Problem Definition, Feasibility, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Post Implementation) allow Better World to surpass any difficulty that arises in implementing the project. Better World provides its services at reduced prices to ensure their services are available for all interested university students and recent graduates.



Name: Kamel Al-Asmar
Country: Jordan is a website that seeks to enhance the volunteerism culture in the Arab World, by serving those committed to social change: youth, and the NGO community. The project achieves this by facilitating and connecting volunteers to initiatives and opportunities, through the first online platform addressing this cause in the Arab World. also provides development organizations with a platform to advertise and recruit volunteers for their initiatives and causes. Since its launch in 2009, has used technology and social media as strong tools to spread the word about the project, reaching out to more than 1200 volunteers, 30 organizations and 70 volunteering opportunities posted on the database. The database started with volunteering posts in Jordan and is now expanding to include opportunities in other Arab countries. Kamel intends to expand the project beyond a website, and provide training workshops to youth about the importance of volunteerism, using social media for social change and providing volunteer management training to organizations (NGOs). places a premium on the power of storytelling to motivate people to take action.



Name: Linda Abadi
Project: "Therapy for Children with Speech and Learning Difficulties"
Country: Palestine

Linda's project seeks to provide the necessary treatment and intervention to children with speech and language disorders in Jenin. The project helps this marginalized segments  play an active role in their community serving  as the first specialized center in Jenin that caters to the needs of children with speech and language disorders, families who have children with special needs are now able to come to the Society instead of visiting neighboring cities which burdens them financially. The project is funded through membership fees paid by participating families, those who can’t pay receive subsidized services. Linda mobilized the local community and collaborated with the education directorate in Jenin to build community awareness on the importance of providing treatment to those children and help them integrate in the society and she reached more than 100 child.

1a fathy.jpg


Name: Mahmoud Fathy
Project: " Center For Children At Work and Their Community"
Country: Egypt

Mahmoud's Project aims to fight Child Labor in one of Egypt's largest cities, Giza, through providing care and assistance to child laborers. The Center provides consultation to children and build their awareness on their rights and responsibilities. This Center targets child laborers in Giza who due to their poor economic situation are forced to enter the labor market. It also focuses on raising the awareness of those children on their rights at the workplace in addition to empowering them to be able to make the right choices in their future professional career. One of the Center's unique intervention methods is to involve the families of those children to take part in its different  activities. It works to eradicate beneficiaries’ illiteracy, conduct trainings and offer extracurricular and recreational activities. The center also offers advice to children and educates them on the importance of remaining in school in addition to building children’s confidence in themselves through organizing team work activities, as most of them are deprived from their social network and from making friends due to the long hours they spend working. The program includes illiteracy eradication classes, outdoor activities and trips to museums and amusement parks, in addition to organizing summer camps.



Name: Nuseibah Momani
Project: " Yasmine Project"
Country: Jordan

The Yasmine project aims to produce, manufacture and market aromatic and medicinal herbs by utilizing agriculture land in the governorate of Ajloun. The project provides therapeutic, economical and humanitarian returns to people living in Ajloun and Jordanian residents at large. The vision is to create an export product for Jordan instead of the current state where these herbs are imported. Nuseibah recognized the availability of agricultural land for the production of medicinal and aromatic herbs. Coupled with the high rate of unemployment among youth whose parents own land, she had enough reason to start her project. The methodology is promoting the planting of medicinal and aromatic herbs through creating Home-Based Production Clusters; where women can plant these herbs in their own gardens and family owned lands. In 2009, the project assisted 4 women to start their home projects, provided 7 seasonal and full-time job opportunities, trained 45 women on planting medicinal and aromatic herbs in their homes and raised awareness among 65 residents. The implemented projects go through the project’s cycle which includes: planting, drying, manufacturing, filling, packaging and marketing the product in the domestic market.


Abdelkareem Bedri
"Speaking Gloves: Arabic Deaf Sign Language"

'Helping the deaf be heard' is Abdelkareem’s way of making a difference in people's lives. Through the development of a microcontroller based system to translate Arabic sign language to an audible voice, this project will help the hearing impaired be more productive in the community through easing their communication with hale persons. “Speaking Gloves: Arabic Deaf Sign Language” is a glove based input interface, whereby the hearing impaired can be heard by performing sign language. The glove fits onto the hand of a deaf individual and contains sensors that transmit information to a microcontroller as the wearer moves his or her hand to sign, which then activates a small speaker. The project is expected to result in two main outcomes: increasing learning and the performance of deaf students in target institutes and schools, and increasing employment for the hearing impaired.


Abdinasir Nur 
"Somali Youth for Peace and Development"

Abdinasir is making a difference in his community through an NGO he established: the “Somali Youth for Peace and Development” (SYPD). The NGO aims to empower Somali youth through income generating and development projects. To date, SYPD has implemented more than a dozen projects with support from various humanitarian organizations. One SYPD project provided 72 farm families in the Hiiraan region with water pumps to enable them to irrigate their crops and increase harvests. Now, as a result of accessing water, participating villages report greater incomes and reduced conflict.




Lana Hijazi 

Lana wanted to make the quest for finding a job much easier for all youth, therefore in 2007 she grouped with Palestinian and Canadian youth to kick start “Souktel”, a mobile based service linking job seekers and employers together. “Souktel” began full operation in Palestine in 2008, where more than 8,000 job seekers and 200 employers have accessed its job-matching service. “Souktel” operates as a social enterprise— job seekers pay a modest fee to search job ads or post their mini-CVs and employers pay a higher per transaction fee to post jobs and search CVs. “Souktel” earns an average of USD 1/month per job seeker and an average of USD 10/month per employer, resulting in a current net income of about USD10,000/month – enough to cover its operating costs, with surplus revenue directed at market expansion and research and development.


Motaz Gendia 
"Life Free of Smoke Association"

Coming to realize that one person dies every 8 minutes as a result of smoking in the Arab World, Motaz was motivated to co-found the “Life Free of Smoke Association” to fight against smoking in Egypt. Over the past three years, the Association has educated more than 11,000 people about the harmful effects of smoking, with roughly 3,800 quitting their smoking habit as a result. “Life Free of Smoke Association” also contributed to the establishment of ten smoke free beaches in Alexandria. In designing anti-smoking campaigns and media outreach materials, the Association stresses the importance of prevention and the lives and health care costs saved when people don’t smoke. “Life Free of Smoke Association” has developed partnerships with Egypt’s Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.


Nadia Al Ghadiri 
"Lothan Youth Achievement Center"

Nadia is very passionate about nurturing the professional skills of Arab youth and creating a productive pass-time for them. Therefore, she co-founded the “Lothan Youth Achievement Center” (LoYAC) that works towards the overall development of youth in the Arab World. LoYAC offers young people, ages 13 to 27, volunteer opportunities, job training and placement services, sporting activities, and creativity workshops. To date, LoYAC serves 2,000 young Kuwaitis annually and has opened chapters in Jordan and Lebanon. In 2006, following a volunteer experience in Mombassa, Kenya, Nadia was inspired to launch K4K (Kuwait for Kenya), a program of LoYAC. Through the initiative, volunteers from Kuwait travel to Kenya to carry out various community projects, such as teaching in schools and building classrooms. Nadia now seeks to expand LoYAC’s approach to youth, particularly young women, in Yemen.


Pierre Daher 

In 2008, Pierre was selected as Shadow Minister of Environment in Lebabnon’s Youth Shadow Government, as a result of his active role in the society. In his capacity as Shadow Minister of Environment, he founded “Craft”, an environmental initiative that encourages companies to adopt a paper recycling program along with the training and tools to do so. "Craft" was launched in partnership with the private sector and civil society organizations, and in less than a year, the project has trained representatives of major companies, newspapers, and banks to implement recycling programs in their places of work. These trainees, representing more than 8,000 employees, then share what they learned with their colleagues. Similarly, “Craft” has trained youth on how to launch paper recycling programs on university campuses serving more than 10,000 students.


Rabee' Zureikat  

Rabee' has always been fond of exploring the history of Jordan and learning about the diversity of its people. His passion lead him to the rural community of Ghor Al Mazra region. Rabee’ launched the “Zikra” initiative to promote greater equality through facilitating cultural exchanges and improving livelihoods. “Zikra” works to achieve this goal through a multi-faceted approach that includes voluntourism, a micro loan program, entrepreneurship and skills training, and arts workshops.  To date, more than 1,000 volunteers have supported “Zikra’s” approach, generating over USD 15,000. With these funds, “Zikra” has provided microloans to 15 families to develop businesses ranging from handicraft production to beekeeping.


Raghda El Ebrashy 
"Alashanek Ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development"

Raghda is the founder and chairperson of “Alashanek Ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development”  (AYB-SD), a registered NGO in Old Cairo with five branches in various universities across Egypt. AYB-SD focuses its efforts on addressing the needs of youth and women in Old Cairo by nurturing a spirit of volunteerism, while promoting sustainable models of development. Graduates of its vocational training program are offered formal employment opportunities through AYB-SD’s employment office or microloans to start their own businesses. AYB-SD sustains it work through the talented volunteer base it attracts and the three social ventures it launched that generate revenue for its activities through providing technical training to students and employees; producing and selling high quality, handmade products; and offering graphic design and arts workshops. In 2008 alone, "AYB-SD" reached more than 2,000 low-income youth and women through its programs.


Rawan Abu Al Failat 
"Raneen: Audio Library for Children"

Rawan launched the project “Raneen: Audio Library for Children” to fulfill a personal childhood need to have someone read Arabic stories to her, as she was born with a sight disability. Through the Audio stories, Rawan hopes to help young people with sight disabilities overcome the challenge of reading a book, but also help school children enhance their listening skills,and improve their knowledge of classical Arabic. To date, she has produced 13 audio stories. The stories are performed and recorded by a team of volunteer professionals. To this day, Rawan has succeeded in generating roughly USD 10,000 in in-kind donations of time and equipment for her project. Rawan recorded many more stories, and she launched a website, and brohadcast her stories through national radio stations with the goal of reaching as many as 10,000 children.


Yorgui Teyrouz
"Donner Sang Compter"

Yorgui is the founder of “Donner Sang Compter”, which encourages Lebanese citizens to register with his database as blood donors on demand. The project aims to create a centralized database of volunteers who are willing to donate blood, platelets and plasma to patients in need in all parts of Lebanon. This concept emerged following a personal incident that Yorgui witnessed— one of his friends was in dire need of a blood transfusion, however the hospital failed to find him the proper blood type. Yorgui has managed to familiarize himself with blood donation requirements and restrictions, and as a result, in November and December of 2008, Yorgui responded to 170 calls and attracted 390 donors. To this day, around 5,200 people, the majority of them being youth, have registered with “Donner Sang Compter” and more than 1,000 patients have received the blood, platelets, and plasma.

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